Motive & Motion - Portfolio & Projects of Christopher Hagen

Printing and instructing in Brisbane, Aus.

  1. Print Council of Australia 2018 Print Commission

    Honored to be selected in the 2018 print commission editioning Quiet Signs from the Weather Eye suite.

    PCA Facebook Announcement

  2. Latent Library in abbe Conference

    Latent Library will be displayed in the Artists Books Brisbane Events book + multiples fair as part of the Griffith University / Queensland College of Art table.

    6-9th July 2017

  3. Herenow - September 2015

    Hoffman Park, MN

  4. Herenow - August 2015


  5. Herenow - July 2015

    WI - Gathering Scapes

  6. Herenow - June 2015


  7. Herenow - May 2015

    Thanks to the good Morgan Price for this little gem..

  8. Herenow - April 2015

  9. More Therethen?

    See more images of process and record in the Journal Archive.

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